GEM Held Spring Festival Visiting Activity for Families of Overseas Employees in Indonesia Nickel Resource Project
Time of publication:2022-01-30 Number of visits:63

Although the year end is approaching, over a hundred of GEM overseas employees will work at the front-line of the Indonesia Project, fearing no epidemic challenge, and make every effort for faster completion and startup, living up to our company's expectation of overseas construction. GEM, who always cares about overseas employees, has started the visiting activities of Spring Festival for the families of the overseas employees working in the Indonesia Nickel Resource Project, and has sent the Letter of Thanks, cash gifts and other presents that are worth nearly 800,000 yuan. GEM invited the employees’ families to visit our park and enjoy the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. Leaders took the lead, and presented the gratitude and blessings to the families of overseas employees, linking GEM, GEM’s employees and their families closely.

Since January 24, the three teams organized by the Domestic Department of the Indonesia Nickel Resource Project have been dispatched, and have visited the families of 41 overseas employees across the prefecture-level cities within Hubei Province to bring cash gifts and other presents, and to extend blessings for Chinese New Year, to them. Whenever the team member visited a family, they would acquire detailed work and living condition of the family, and introduce the corresponding overseas employee’s work and living condition to the family. They would also thank the family for their support and understanding.

Figure 1 Assigned team visited overseas employees’ families, and brought cash gifts and presents to them

In Jingmen City, Hubei Province, where overseas employees’ families are relatively concentrated, the families were invited to enter the park to share their joy in November, 2021. Then, on January 25, 2022, nearly 70 members from 43 overseas employees’ families living in the City visited GEM again to participate in our park party, and express their thoughts to their families through the Internet cloud. Though far away from each other, the overseas employees and their families were surrounded by thick atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

Figure 2 Overseas employees’ families participating in the park party

In the evening of January 25, the evening dinner was opened officially with the playing of the video about overseas projects. Que Yunxin, the Director of Domestic Procurement and Logistics Center for the Indonesia Nickel Resource Project, expressed heartfelt thanks to our employees who were working diligently at the front-line and the employees’ families who showed concerns, understanding and supports for GEM’s overseas undertakings. According to Mr. Que, GEM is always concerning about those overseas employees and their families; the understanding and support of the families and the lofty ambitions of the employees have been the important guarantee for continuous development of our overseas undertakings; the company and its Domestic Project Department will practically pay attention to the individual development and interests of overseas employees, and concern the practical problems and difficulties that are encountered by the employees’ families in their work and life, providing solid backing for overseas employees and their families.

Figure 3 Over 70 persons from 43 overseas’ employees’ families visited GEM for the evening dinner

Jiao Hua, the General Manager of the Overseas Department for the Indonesia Nickel Resource Project, expressed his gratitude for the company’s concern, and thanked for families’ understanding and supports. According to Mr. Jiao Hua, the overseas employees will, shouldering the expectations of the company and their families, do their best to fulfill their mission, and to realize faster completion and startup of the project.

Figure 4 Festive atmosphere at the activity site of the Overseas Department of the Indonesia Nickel Resource Project

At such time of Internet-based “cloud” reunion, the heart-touching singing of Fairy Tale, a famous song in China, at the domestic site was an embodiment of the concerns from families and colleagues about the overseas employees.

At the end of the party, GEM presented the families with certificates of appreciation, souvenir badges, cash gifts and other gifts. Additionally, the overseas employees and the domestic families ate the dinner together through the video connection, wishing a fresh look in the new Year of the Tiger.

Figure 5 GEM presented the overseas employees’ families with certificates of appreciation, souvenir badges, cash gifts and other gifts

Figure 6 “Cloud” group photo of overseas employees and their domestic families

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