GEM Opens Its New-energy Circular Economy Low-carbon Demo Industrial Park in Wuxi
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On the morning of June 6, 2021, GEM held the opening ceremony to inaugurate its New-energy Circular Economy Low-carbon Demo Industrial Park on Phase II plot of GEM Wuxi.

At the ceremony, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed on the New-energy Circular Economy Low-carbon Demo Industrial Park, the capital cooperation agreement on GEM Power Battery Low-carbon Cycle Project and the agreement on Wuxi High-tech Zone Low-carbon Industry Science Education Base, which opened a new situation of deep and all-round cooperation between GEM and Wuxi Airport Economic Development Zone and Wuxi High-tech Zone. Even more, it represents the practice of the government, enterprises and capital working together to explore the ecology priority, green, low-carbon and high-quality development.

In his speech, Mr. Hong Yanwei, the Deputy Director of the High Tech Zone Administration and Deputy Party Secretary of the Xinwu District, pointed out that New-energy Circular Economy Low-carbon Demo Industrial Park of GEM is an integral part of Wuxi Zero Carbon Science and Technology Industrial Park, which will become the backbone of the High Tech Zone to apply for the title of “national green industry development demo base and national green development demo park of the High Tech Zone”, thus becoming a biz card for Wuxi to build a national zero carbon development demo city.

When introducing the park development, Professor Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM said that Wuxi has wonderful investment environment and huge market prospects. Over the years, GEM has enjoyed Wuxi policy dividends while making great success. In the era of carbon neutrality, Wuxi’s green city positioning perfectly matches with GEM’s industrial philosophy. As a result, Wuxi will become the major player in this world-class feast of green and low-carbon development.

Against the background of carbon emission peak, carbon neutrality goal and green and low-carbon development, GEM adheres to the green industry philosophy of “Limited resources, unlimited recycling”. Based in Wuxi, it has increased the investments by 1.096 billion RMB to build a new energy circular economy low-carbon demo industrial park, thus building three new-energy circular economy projects, which respectively can recycle and process 100,000 new-energy vehicles per year, recycle and re-manufacture 100,000 tons of power batteries, and re-manufacture 20,000 tons of new-energy materials. In this way, it will build a new-energy life cycle low-carbon industry model of “power battery recycling - NEV recycling - cascade utilization of power batteries - cascade utilization of auto parts - re-manufacturing of new- energy materials”, and promote NEVs from “green to green” to reach an annual output of more than 10 billion RMB.

GEM will strive to speak low-carbon words, do low-carbon things and practice low-carbon consumption”, make use of large quantity of clean energy such as photovoltaic and energy storage power stations, adopt clean technology, strive to reduce carbon dioxide by more than one million tons, integrate production, life and ecology, and become a world-class new-energy circular economy low-carbon demo industrial park, the world-class power battery and NEV recycling base, the world-class new-energy circular economy innovation center and the world-class low-carbon industry education demo base. It will strive to build the largest new-energy material manufacturing and power battery recycling base in the Yangtze River Delta region, whose performance makes it a “high-yield field” of circular economy that attracts investors.

Photo 1 Inauguration of New-energy Circular Economy Low-carbon Demo Industrial Park

Photo 2 Secretary Jiang Min and Professor Xu Kaihua initiated the New-energy Circular Economy Low-carbon Demo Industrial Park

Photo 3 Mayor Cui Rongguo and Ms. Wang Min jointly inaugurated the GEM Low-carbon Industry Research Institute

Photo 4 Deputy Director Hong Yanwei was speaking

Photo 5 Professor Xu Kaihua, Board Chairman of GEM was speaking

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