Incorporated by Professor Xu Kaihua in Shenzhen on December 28, 2001 and made its IPO on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2010 (stock code: 002340), GEM Co., Ltd. represents Green, Eco, and Manufacture. By the end of 2020, the company had witnessed a total share capital of 4.784 billion shares, a net asset of 13.6 billion Yuan, an annual output value of more than 20 billion Yuan, and nearly 5,100 registered employees. As China's first listed company in urban mine resource exploitation, GEM ranks the 58th among top 100 best companies in Shenzhen, and is one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, one of the top 500 patent-driven enterprises in China, and one of China's top 5 listed companies in environmental protection. It is a globally leading company in the cemented carbide material industry and the new energy material industry, also a world-leading waste recycling enterprise and a globally-advanced and representative enterprise in the green and low carbon industry.

Industrial position

GEM is an advocator of the industrial philosophy that "Limited Resources, Unlimited Recycling" and a pioneer of exploiting urban mines in China. For the past 20 years, GEM has been pursuing the goal of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by exploiting urban mines, developing new energy materials, and establishing a resource recycling mode and a clean energy material mode. GEM has tackled a series of worldwide technical challenges such as the waste battery recycling technology, the green treatment of electronic waste, the recycling technology of scrapped vehicles, and the core technology of ternary power battery materials; made breakthroughs in key technical bottlenecks in the green treatment and recycling of waste batteries, electronic wastes, and scrapped vehicles; constructed a globally-advanced new energy full-life-cycle value chain, a recycling value chain of cobalt, tungsten, and other rare metals, the recycling value chain of electronic wastes and plastics, as well as other resource recycling modes and new energy recycling modes. GEM has established 16 waste recycling and new energy material parks in 11 provinces and municipalities including Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Henan, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Fujian, covering 3000 kilometers and establishing cooperative relationship with nearly 500 million Chinese citizens in waste recycling. Its footprints of green recycling cover the entire China. With successful presence in South Africa, South Korea, and Indonesia, it radiates the whole world with green technologies.

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In China, GEM recycles more than 10% of all discarded electronic wastes, more than 10% of all scrapped waste batteries (excluding lead-acid cells), and more than 4% of all scrapped cars. The cobalt resource produced from recycling exceeds the produced quantity of raw cobalt in China. The nickel resource produced from recycling accounts for more than 6% of the produced quantity of raw nickel in China. The tungsten resource produced from recycling accounts for more than 5% of the produced quantity of raw tungsten in China. Each year, the company disposes of more than 5 million tons of wastes, and recycles more than 30 kinds of scare resources, such as cobalt, nickel, copper, tungsten, gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, germanium, rare earth, along with ultrafine powder materials, power battery materials for new energy vehicles, and many other high-tech products. It is now a globally leading company along the supply chain of the cemented carbide industry and the new energy industry. With practical actions, GEM has proven that resource recycling can play a critical role in the national economy and the development of strategic emerging industries. GEM has been awarded a torrent of honorable titles, including the National Circular Economy Pilot Enterprise, the National Circular Economy Educational Demonstration Base, the National Urban Mines Demonstration Base, the National Green Factory, the National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, the National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, the National Primary and Secondary School Environmental Education Social Practice Base, and the National Eco-environmental Popular Science Base. Rewards earned by GEM include the 2018 Davos "Global Circular Economy Multinational Award" and the 2020 "Paulson Prize for Sustainability - Green Innovation Award". It has been recognized as one of the globally leading green and low-carbon enterprises as a remarkable and typical practicer for the development of China's recycling society and green concept. By doing this, GEM lifts China's capacity in recycling economy to a world level and makes positive contributions to the construction of a recycling society and a green and low-carbon industrial mode.

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    Battery material recycling centers

  • c5.png


    Plastic waste recycling centers

  • c1.png


    Green treatment centers for electronic wastes

  • c6.png


    Hazardous solid waste treatment centers

  • c3.png


    Recycling and treatment centers for scrapped vehicles

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    Cemented carbide tool recycling centers

  • c4.png


    Power battery recycling and
    cascade recycling centers for power battery packs

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    Scrapped vehicle parts recycling center

On July 22, 2013 when the General Secretary Xi Jinping visited GEM (Wuhan) Recycling Industrial Park, he highly praised GEM's recycling mode and said, "Turning waste into wealth through recycling is a promising sunrise industry. Wastes are misplaced resources. Turning rubbish into resources and transforming waste into wealth are not only science but also arts. Hoping that GEM will make persistent efforts in the future!"

  • The precursor material of ternary power batteries
    Accounts for 15% of the global market
  • Cobalt oxide
    Accounts for 20% of the global market
  • Ultrafine cobalt powder
    Accounts for 40% of the global market
  • Cobalt resources recovered
    Exceed the raw cobalt (from primary mining) yield in China
  • Nickel resources recovered
    Account for 6% of nickel resources (from primary mining) in China
  • Tungsten resources recovered
    Account for 5% of raw tungsten yield (from primary mining) in China
  • Discarded batteries recovered
    Account for 10% of the total scrapped in China
  • Electronic wastes recovered
    Account for 10% of the total scrapped in China
  • Proportion of scrapped vehicles recovered
    Accounts for 4% of the total quantity of scrapped products in China

During the Fourteenth Five-year Plan, GEM will be tasked with serving the development of the global green and low carbon industry, establishing green supply chain partnership with leading upstream and downstream companies across the globe, recycling global resources, and fulfilling our responsibility for environmental protection. While holding fast to the General Secretary Xi Jinping's request of turning rubbish into resources and transforming waste into wealth, and following the double-barreled development strategy of "urban mines + new energy materials", GEM will exploit urban mines, develop new energy materials, and comprehensively promote the goals of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, therefore becoming a leading enterprise in the global low-carbon industry that poses positive impacts on the development of China's economy and the global environmental protection industry. During the Fourteenth Five Year Plan, GEM will invest heavily in innovation and uphold the new talent strategy of "embracing talents, investing in talents, and empowering talents". As a technology-oriented leader amidst global competition, GEM will reach an unparalleled height in both innovation and quality across the globe to make our brand and value more recognized and respected by the globe. By 2025, the sales of the company will exceed 50 billion Yuan; the business performance will take the breath away from all investors; the CO2 emission reduction will exceed 600,000 tons per year, taking the lead in achieving carbon neutrality.

Demonstrating the waste recycling process of "waste-product-substitute raw mineral products-world brand products".Maintain core competitiveness

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